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Meet Lyocell - A sustainable material

Let's learn about Lyocell!

We carry a lot of Lyocell products in our shop, and for a good reason. It is considered one of the more sustainable fabrics available and has many benefits! Lyocell is a durable material, yet smooth and incredibly soft, gentle on even sensitive skin. In addition, Lyocell fibres are structured to regulate moisture absorption contributing to the material breathability and the body's natural thermal regulation. Efficient moisture management gives this material anti-bacterial properties. As a result, less available moisture is formed on the fibre's surface for bacteria to grow.

Lyocell is Biodegradable!

We carry Tencel Lyocell products that have been certified as biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil, fresh water and marine conditions and can fully revert back to nature.

So how is it made?

Here is a quick breakdown found in an article on Science Direct.

"Lyocell is made by dissolving wood pulp in amine oxide solution. The viscous cellulose solution that results is then extruded into a dilute solution of amine oxide, which precipitates the cellulose as fibre. The dry tensile strength of lyocell fibre is greater than other man-made cellulosic staples and is even more pronounced when wet. Not only are the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of this fibre better than viscose fibre, but the lyocell process is also very environmentally friendly since it uses non-toxic NMMO solvent."

So now that you know a bit more about Lyocell material, what are you planning to make with it?

Make sure to stop by and feel this fantastic fibre for yourself! If you are shopping online, get 10% off using code LY2109!

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